Book and Clinic updated for 2015

  A Clinic Presentation is available to train Track and Field
Officials based on the book.  Go to CLINICS in the index to view the opportunity and details to train officials for your  school/ district and to include sessions on officiating at your next Coaches and Officials Clinics.  Open the link: Clinic
Presentation to sample options for PowerPoint slides either for the clinic sessions and for individual use.  The Clinic PowerPoint presentation is designed so that it can be used at the state, regional, school district, or individual school level.

The purpose of the website is to introduce the book, Officiating High School Track and Field.  The website is organized in sections which assists the viewer in the following areas:    Table of Contents; excerpts from pages for official's track and field assignments; Bonus Pages of sample forms, charts, diagrams, and situation rulings; and pages for the opportunity to review and purchase the book.  
       To further understand the purpose and impact this book will have on high school track and field, please read the PREFACE that follows:               
                      OFFICIATING HIGH SCHOOL TRACK AND FIELD                   
  Novice track and field officials are overwhelmed with the magnitude of officiating a high school track meet.  A track meet usually consists of at least seventeen events and the official soon discovers that there is much more than just knowing the rules.  In smaller meets such as duals and triangulars, a single official is most often assigned to administer the entire meet.  He/she has the final say in all application of rules.  The official enforces infractions and makes rules interpretations in special situations.  Officiating High School Track and Field is not just a rule book.  It offers both the novice official and the experienced official a layman’s guide to applying rules, proper procedures, meet and event responsibilities, proper mechanics, and overall control of the meet.  Although written as a guide for high school track and field officials, this book is an invaluable tool for the high school track coach as well.  The set-up and organizing of the midweek meets most often falls upon the shoulders of the hosting school’s coach.  The coach must recruit and train the meet workers.  Officiating High School Track and Field serves this purpose well.  Each track and field event is addressed and there are many diagrams and event forms that can be duplicated for use in meet administration.    The organization of the book allows users to have the information at their fingertips.  Each chapter is dedicated to a specific area of officiating.  The chapters are set-up in a numbered checklist format.  When an official takes an assignment for a track and field meet, he/she can look up the chapter addressing the particular assignment and thoroughly review the duties and responsibilities of the assignment.  These responsibilities are divided into pre-meet duties, during the competition duties, and post-meet duties.    Officiating High School Track and Field is a handbook of officiating and administering a high school track meet.  The breadth and depth of the content cannot be found in any other single source.  Whether assigned as a referee, starter, finish line judge or timer, clerk of course, umpire, wind gauge operator, or head judge for any of the field events, everything you need to know is included.  It is ideal for training officials.  The format of the book lends itself for use at training clinics.  The rules are current through the 2015 season and space has been left at the end of the book for adding updates each year.    A highlight of the book is the chapter addressing the most common situations an official will encounter during a typical high school track and field meet.  The chapter on “Rules Athletes Should Know” is an excellent handout for visiting schools and individual team members.  Preventative officiating is addressed and tips for individual assignments are listed throughout the book.  Officiating High School Track and Field needs to be in every track and field official’s resource bag.